Scary times ahead!

The Fourth of July can be the scariest day of the year for a dog or cat. Animal shelters often find their busiest day of the year is July 5. So, please remember to keep your pets safe this holiday weekend! If fireworks are around at all, and someone is simply opening a door, make […]

Adoption is the best option!

The decision to add a new pet to the family is a significant one, yet many people tend to take in animals on impulse with little research. Consider that a pet can be up to a 20 year commitment, both time-wise and financially! That is longer than you will have your car, so why not research […]

Vaccines and cancer in cats

Thought this little article may be helpful. With many cats being indoors only, I have a lot of owners asking if they really should vaccinate, and for what. A lot of people have heard about the risk of “cancer from vaccines.” The risk in in fact very very low statistically. I have personally only seen […]

Why have your pet neutered?

Below are excerpts from veterinary textbooks and medical journals describing the benefits of neutering a male dog or cat: Neutered dogs do not have testicles, meaning they cannot get testicular cancer. There are 3 common types of testicular tumor: Sertoli cell tumors, Leydig cell tumors, and seminomas.Sertoli cell tumors, ironically, secrete estrogen, a female hormone. […]

Dog or Cat preference?

The age old questions – Do you prefer cats or dogs? Find out how your personality relates to this answer.  I guess those of us who fall in the “both” category can just claim all the positive attributes? 🙂 I must admit WebMD isn’t where I would normally look for pet-related facts, but found this […]

overweight pets

Whether your dog is a barrel with legs, or your cat is a ball of jelly, being even a few pounds overweight can seriously affect the health and life-expectancy of your pet. Start out by determining if your pet is overweight, and by how much. Purina has created a great reference on determining in a […]

Why have your pet spayed?

Many great websites are out there promoting spay/neuter. We all know that spaying and neutering is the best way to stop pet overpopulation. What if you just don’t care about anything but your own pet? This is the page to read! Reasons to spay a female dog or cat: Spaying a female dog or cat reduces […]

Itchy time is here!

Seasonal allergies seem to be in full swing. The stuff in the air that drives our sinuses wild can make the skin on our dogs and cats very itchy. Sometimes, it can go to the point of causing an infection, in the ears (usually more in dogs) or on the skin (typically feet, belly, armpits, […]

Display at local bank

Walk into the Commerce Bank in the Dierberg’s plaza in Shiloh, IL and you will be greeted by a table featuring Metroeast Home Vet Care! It will be there through June. I put out for the taking some free magnets that contain emergency numbers for pet owners in the area….and they have our contact information […]

We’re famous!

The local newspaper – the Belleville News-Democrat, had a great article about us this week!