Wildlife help

I just got this email from Angel, founder of the wildlife rehab group. What a dedicated bunch of people! Happy September Everyone! Most of you know that the Wildlife Hotline was on hiatus in August, temporarily. We are officially back up again and providing the same services as before with a much larger staff. I […]

Dogs helping diabetic owners

We’ve all seen the occasional report on the local news  about how a dog somehow knows it’s owner is having medical trouble. Sometimes the person themself doesn’t even know! A study was just published in the AAHA journal about dogs being able to detect low blood sugar in people. Most stories are anecdotal – this […]

Strut your Mutt for a Good Cause

Gateway Pet Gaurdians is a great dog rescue that saves dogs (and cats!) from the streets of East St. Louis. Below is an upcoming event that will raise both funds and awareness! http://www.gatewaypets.com/strut-your-mutt-st-louis/ Ready, Set, Strut! Support Gateway Pet Guardians at Strut Your Mutt! We are pleased to announce that Gateway is enrolled as a […]

National Holiday!

August 22 was national Take-Your-Cat-to-the-Vet day. It was started because a lot of cats just hate the carrier and car-ride scenario that comes with a trip to the vet hospital. So, people don’t bring their cat to a vet on a regular basis. When they get sick, it is usually pretty far along in the […]


Yesterday we rechecked a lab who wanted the entire exam performed with him lying on his back. The second we got him up, he would stand for a second, then request more tummy rubs. We just slid him where he needed to go, and he loved it!

Boarding your pet soon?

Boarding kennels can tell you what you want to hear. In order to know what goes on, it is important to visit the boarding kennel, unannounced, and ask to see where your pet will be staying. Do this on a busy holiday weekend, so really see where they put the animals. Are there dogs in […]

Fabulous patients!

We had a trio of absolutely wonderful patients last week. most cats we’ll put on the scale, then they climb off. Some run away. These three wanted to be ON the scale – to the point that it was difficult to weigh them! We would move one off, and before we could get it reset […]