Itchy time is here!

Seasonal allergies seem to be in full swing. The stuff in the air that drives our sinuses wild can make the skin on our dogs and cats very itchy. Sometimes, it can go to the point of causing an infection, in the ears (usually more in dogs) or on the skin (typically feet, belly, armpits, and thighs).  The first suspect that comes to most people’s mind is fleas. However, flea season is still ramping up. So, if your dog or cat is itchy, more flea preventative likely is not the answer. A visit with the veterinarian is the best way to get your pet relief. Like us, allergies can’t be cured (don’t we wish) but we can manage the symptoms. Sometimes, an oral antibiotic and/or steroid is needed. Other times, topical therapy like prescription shampoos can ease the discomfort. Finally, some pets are helped by oral antihistamines in addition to the prescribed therapy. Who knew – Fluffy could share your claritin!

Below is a link to a detailed article on atopy (allergic skin disease on dogs and cats):