Home Euthanasia

Many owners who take their pets to a clinic for routine care often want euthanasia at home, and rightfully so! Home euthanasia is much less stressful for the entire family, both human and animal. Nothing beats having this performed in his favorite bed, or under her favorite tree, or on his favorite recliner.

Dr. Karen and The Pepperman at 16 years

Because end-of-life decisions can be so heart-wrenching for a family, I offer free phone and email consults to help families make the best decision for their pet. Sometimes having an objective third party makes things more clear, and it’s good to just have someone listen who really gets it. No matter what, losing a family member is always incredibly hard. You won’t be the same for a while…and that’s OK.

The procedure itself is rather peaceful, and I’m happy to discuss it in detail when we are arranging the appointment. (I always sedate the pet first with a little shot under the skin, which makes the process go smoothly.) I have a short article discussing 5 things people might not know about euthanasia here.

We offer a few different options for the care of remains. Many owners choose to have their pet individually cremated and have the ashes returned to them in a certain container (some options are here), while others would prefer to not have the ashes back. We work with two very reputable cremation services, Animal Care Service and Kurrus Pet Services, that can accommodate most any request.

paw prints after pet home euthanasia

Example of paw prints on cardstock

Other options exist as well, which can be discussed. Most often, I take the pet with me after the euthanasia is complete and arrange the cremation. For these, I always make paw prints on paper cardstock as a keepsake, and promptly mail them to the family.

I can be reached by emailing DrLouis@mehvc.com or calling or texting 618-327-0417. I cannot answer the phone when I am on the road or with patients, but I will return your call, most likely that same day, if you leave a message.