Deep snow + Older dog = OUCH!

With the recent foot of snow we have in the area, I have seen many many old dogs present for “not being able to walk.” Is it just the cold weather? Probably not. The past couple days I realized just how hard deep snow can be on old dogs. Why? It is common for older […]

Insulted kitty

We did a housecall today on a home with both dogs and cats. Some were happy we were there, others were unimpressed. Alex, the cat in the picture, wasn’t too happy about being put on an exam table. We reminded him that was the worst part – no cat carrier, no scary car ride, no […]

Tick season will be here soon

OK, I realize the forecast for tomorrow is snow. Gotta love the midwest. After we get through this, if anyone is like me, we’ll have cabin fever and want to get out and hike, walk, whatever we enjoy. So will the ticks. They will be hungry, and hanging out in brushy areas and tall grass. […]

Good article in “Trends” magazine

A great article came out in the American Animal Hospital Association magazine. It suggests that housecalls may be the best way to provide medical care to cats. According to a survey, 58% of cat owners say their cat hates going to the vet, and 39% feel stress just even thinking about it! The article suggests […]

Results of the Canine DNA Breed Analysis

My husband kiddingly said Reggie’s breed include “silly” and “goofball.” While those were not listed, they are not ruled out! Seriously, though, his DNA test to give insight as to the breeds that make up his unique mix came back. The main two breeds are German Shepherd and American Eskimo. I never would have guessed […]

Does your dog need a trainer…or a behaviorist?

I guess this is a pet peeve of mine, but there seems to be much confusion on the part of pet owners regarding trainers and behaviorists. The internet hasn’t helped. Often, the terms “trainer” and “behaviorist” are used interchangeably. Big difference! If your dog is fearful, aggressive, shy, boisterous, or exhibits symptoms such as growling, […]

Starting the new year with a surprise!

There are a few DNA tests on the market we can use to find out what breeds a certain mixed breed dog has in him or her. I am testing my own dog, Reggie, who was rescued from the streets, with a test that is reported to be rather reliable. Would I make medical decisions […]