Here are just some of our reviews and testimonials!

We are so lucky to have found Dr. Louis. Our previous vet experiences were troublesome with our overly shy dog. Now that he’s older he requires extra care and attention and she has gone above and beyond. She identified a health risk for our senior, prescribed the proper treatment and potentially gave us more years to cherish with our beloved Triton. Can’t say enough good things about her and team! -Kristin

We have used Dr. Louis two times now. She is so many things. Things like: compassionate, considerate, professional, personable, funny, caring… I could go on. Based upon her help with Tillie, we had the confidence to do the right thing in a timely manner for our boy Finn. She responded quickly and helped us through the whole process of letting go and saying goodbye. We have every intention of seeking her help in the future. Thank you Dr. Karen. – Julie

cat home veterinarianWhat a wonderful experience. Dr. Louis came to my home, with an assistant, to exam my 21 year old cat. Dr. Karen examined my cat, did blood work, trimmed her nails and cleaned her ears. This was well worth the money to have the cat comfortable at home. – Rebecca

Dr. Louis is an absolute Godsend! I’ve used her for 3 years because my cat is terrified of pet carriers. It is so much easier on kitty and her mommy when her vet visits are done right in our home. Dr. Louis is so smart, compassionate and goes above and beyond to educate her patients’ parents. I just love her! – Laurie

Absolutely love them!! I had my cat for 18 years and she deserved to cross the rainbow bridge in the comfort of her home. I was apprehensive but it was a great experience. Well worth it if you have multiple pets. Taking them to the vet in carriers is never fun for anyone! – Julie

On October 6, 2019, our beloved Red was discovered to have an aggressive tumor on his jaw. The vet who discovered it and gave us the devastating news told us we might have a week or so with him at home. The following day, he could barely open his jaw to eat. Knowing the time had come, I panicked, knowing we wanted in home euthanasia, but how would we find anyone on such short notice. Enter Kelley, who answered the phone at MEHVC and within seconds made me feel she’d known us forever. Such genuine empathy and I knew she would help us find our answer. That answer was in the form of a true angel, Dr. Laura Boeren. She showed up that night at around 6:15, and instead of being sorrowful and morose, her smile and energy lit up our home. She spent time with all 4 of our cats who had been together for over 12 years. We talked and the naturalness of it all set all the “boys” at ease. This was the most peaceful, natural way to ease our Red out of this life and on to his next journey. Red’s 3 brothers got to sniff him afterwards to better understand that he would no longer be present. 2 weeks and 3 days later I still weep over this profound loss, but let me tell you, compared to the dreaded carrier, the car ride and the cold metal table……..oh, this was truly the sweetest way for our boy to go. He was in my arms on the sofa, his favorite place to be. Other vets may offer this service, but both my husband and myself agree that in our 70 plus years on earth did we imagine someone such as Dr. Laura could help all of us through this pain with such grace. We will be eternally grateful for her loving spirit, medical skill and the love she showed our entire household. Should you ever find yourself in such dire straits, please don’t hesitate or wonder if you’re doing the right thing. This practice and Dr. Laura will ease your soul in a way you never thought possible. God Bless all of you and your furry families. – Connie and Craig

I can and often do highly recommend Dr. Louis. She has been our vet for 3+ years and has ministered to our hard-to-find-let-alone-hold CAT, an 80 pound chocolate lab, who had to be chased to clip 1 toe nail at a time, a 130 pound dog who hides under the deck to avoid his ear cleanings (she always finds him), and a host of stray cats and dogs who find their way to my door. 
Dr. Karen is very knowledgeable and effectively able to communicate her knowledge to us so we are able to understand options and make the best choices for our animals.  She is readily available- responding to text messages within hours and keeps us abreast of times she will not be available (even super vets get a vaca).  Scheduling is flexible and what is more convenient than “smiling vet at your door”.  She is generous with her time- I have never felt rushed even when I knew she had appointments after mine. When the time came to put down my beloved lab, her professionalism, compassion, and support were invaluable. 
I also like the community spirit of Dr. Louis. She generous with her time and money to local and further reaching animal support and rescue groups. – Robinvet care at home

Dr Louis has been a angel sent to us in so many ways…Her kindness and compassion brought her to our home late on a Sunday evening when it was time for one of our fur babies who should not suffer any longer, to helping us through the adoption of rescue that had come from a puppy mill and all the trauma (mental) that comes with that. We love having her in our home, because she treats each of our dogs as if they were her own. I have recommended her and will continue to recommend her to friends and family. There will never be anyone else to care for our pets but Dr Karen. – Cris

Karen is seriously the best. The mobile aspect makes it so much easier on me and my dogs, there are no more stressful trips to the vet. Dr. Louis cares so much about my pets and pets in general, it means a lot. To know you’re taking your pet to a vet that truly loves animals is a requirement of mine. – Ali

Dr Louis was recommended to us by Northgate to care for our girl kitty, Autumn. She was diagnosed with cancer in October and had surgery but it metastasized to her lungs. She never did well in the car and I could not risk Autumn going thru the stress during her last days. Dr Louis helped Autumn cross the Rainbow Bridge and was very reassuring and helpful. The toughest part about having fur babies is letting them go. We miss Autumn so much but I will never forget how Dr Louis helped us. I got her paw prints with 2 cards today. Thank you again! I highly recommend Dr Louis. – Christi

Love the convenience of in-home visits (no more attempting to get 2 cats in their cages and endure a car ride) and genuine care, concern, and professionalism. 4 paws up!!!! -Kim

It’s always an event when Doc Karen comes! I don’t know how many laps she did around the house before calming down a bit. Vet and tech play while getting the job done and Daisy loves them both! – Mary

You all are AMAZING!  My eyes are still swollen from crying but Doc on the phone remembered my personal story and my kitty’s and called back immediately. The other Doc came and just sat on the floor with me and petted my kitty with me while I cried, talked, made her watch videos of my kids and cats, she didn’t rush me. We probably sat on the floor for an hour. Thank you all SO much. I have already recommended you to two friends. The best…thank you.  – Tiffany

I don’t know what we would do without Dr. Louis! We have two rescue dogs that have both come with their own sets of issues. Dr. Louis is always knowledgable, professional, and attentive. When we had to put one of our dogs to sleep, Dr. Louis came to our home so we could all be comfortable and not have to worry about leaving the house which made a huge difference. She comes to our home to do routine annual visits as well as to check up on more serious issues. With rescue dogs that have different health needs and my husband and I having very busy schedules, this has been a life saver! Dr. Louis also is very flexible when more serious health needs develop by either rearranging her schedule, being extremely accessible by phone & email, and knowing when it’s time to refer to a specialized clinic or other quality vet when she can’t make it in person to an immediate need. With Dr. Louis you get the quality and professionalism of an amazing vet with the comfort of your own home. Wouldn’t trust our little ones with anyone else! – Amanda