Two apps you’ll want

Vitus Vet – the app that links you to your pet’s records… and to us!

Veterinary appYou can search for and download the VitusVet app for free in the App Store and on Google Play. After installing, click “sign up with email.” Use the same email address you registered your new patient info, and your pets should be linked. (If not, entering your street address when prompted seems to do the trick.)

The VitusVet app allows you to:

  • Request med refills
  • Request appointments
  • Instantly access – and share – your pet’s vaccine records
  • Access your pet’s weight history
  • Set your own reminders (like for heartworm, Bravecto, etc.)

You’ll also start getting text reminders of upcoming appointments. Please note with multi-pet appointments, we list the appointment under just one pet in order to keep the reminders from being excessive.

Telemedicine is finally here!

There is no one app that does everything. Trust me, I tried. But the demand for telemedicine is high, so we just need to do it! After testing several, I chose Medici for our telemedicine app. It was used for the last couple years in the human medicine field, they worked out the kinks, and now have opened it up to the veterinary medicine field. Our testers have loved it! Yes, it is a second app to have, but we’ve been very happy with it.
You can search for and download the Medici app for free in the App Store and on Google Play. You’ll need to set up an account. The app talks about human doctors, since that how it was started, so don’t panic.

  • If it asks if you have an activation code, you don’t need one.
  • Once you get your account created, you’ll search for your vet. Both Dr. Karen Louis and Dr. Laura BOEREN are using this telemedicine app!
  • Searching for your vet(s) is easy. Enter last name (please note my last name is LOUIS, not LEWIS) and city (Belleville) and we both are the first ones!
  • Click add, and we’ll receive a notification you’d like to connect. We try to verify those and accept same day.
  • Simply adding up/connecting does not initiate a telemedicine consult, it just gets you set up for one in the future…when your dog just ate chocolate covered raisins laced in mouse poison and you just can’t think straight. 🙂

Telemedicine consults are $38 per consult and should last 10 minutes or so. Dr. Laura and I do not have set hours (yet) but are generally available during normal human waking hours. Don’t try us at 2am – you’ll be disappointed. The goal is to ease your mind and save you an exam fee, avoid taking time off work, you get the idea. If we solve your problem, prescribe medication for pick up, whatever your pet needs, the credit card you entered will be billed at the conclusion. If we video chat and decide we really need an exam and schedule it during the session, the telemedicine consult is no charge.

Can you text or email us first and say “Is this a telemedicine thing or an appointment thing?” Absolutely! Kelly and Carolyn are happy to help point you in the right direction. Telemedicine consults are great for dogs and cats who are bouncy, otherwise feeling OK, but have diarrhea, chronically itchy skin, sneezing, a repeat ear infection… just some examples. They are also good for “my dog ate ____!” which is probably the most common, and stressful.