smoking and pets

Did you know that second=hand smoke can harm your pets, just like it can children? Dogs can get bronchitis, and cats can get asthma. I see this often enough, and recommend the owner not smoke. Most owners switch to trying to not smoke around the pet, but some really go for it and quit smoking […]

Our first ever defeat

Today we have to give a shout out to Oliver. Why? Because Oliver won, and we lost. Of all the “fraidy cats” we see, we always win. Not today – Oliver refused to be touched, and after an hour, we had to obey. Of course, in a clinic, he would have been stuffed into a […]

Why do mutts rule?

If you know me, you know the only pet I will EVER own is a rescue. The more mixed up, the better. Not only am I devoted to saving lives, but there’s a lot to be said medically for genetic diversity. Our cover model on this website? Street dog from Missouri – 100%. So, I […]

Keeping your cat healthy

Most people know that cats are safest when kept indoors. If your cat enjoys going outdoors (some cats love it, some cats loathe it!) it’s best with the safety of a harness and leash. Problem with the indoor -only lifestyle? Most cats are overweight, and get little or no exercise. Here are some good indoor […]

Puppy mills

It always amazes me that in this day and age, the the age of information, people can still be ignorant or, worse, in denial about puppy mills. There is no such thing as an ethical breeder who sells their puppies in pet shops. period. No discussion. Backyard breeders are a whole different story – those […]

Thinking about shaving your fluffy dog this summer?

Here’s an excerpt from an article found here: I just quoted the highlights: “The topcoat is made up of tougher guard hairs that don’t shed, and protect your pet from the sun’s harmful rays and bug bites. It actually insulates them from the heat. What this means is: do not shave your double coated […]