Why vet care at home?

Abby had lymphoma, and was able to get chemotherapy at home!

Abby had lymphoma, and was able to get chemotherapy at home!

Do you dread having to fight with your cat to get him or her into the carrier?

Does your pet hate car rides, or even get sick in the car?

Does your older dog have a hard time walking on slick clinic floors?

Do you have multiple pets that you would like to have cared for at once?

Do you want the veterinarian to spend time with you and not be rushed?

Are you simply a busy person who does not have time to drive to the vet, wait around to be seen, then drive home?

These are just a few of the many reasons people choose to have the veterinarian come to their home.

Having a vet visit in the comfort and familiarity of home makes the entire process minimally stressful. It also helps the veterinarian see your pet in his or her home setting, as they really are. Yes, they often still get poked with needles, and there may be other “insulting” procedures, but having these done in a familiar environment makes the whole process a little better. And, without leaving the house, your cat or dog won’t come home “smelling different” and causing potential inter-pet anxiety.

Whatever the initial reason, most people find the best things about home vet care are the amazing convenience as well as the relationship we can build. Appointments are often an hour long (but they don’t have to be!), and are uninterrupted. That gives the veterinarian and technician time to get to know your pet, understand your concerns, and explain how we can meet your pet’s needs. Like you, we want your pet to live a long, happy, quality life.