House call veterinary practice treating cats and dogs

-No pet carrier-     -No car ride-

-No crowded waiting room with the kids and the dog-

-No slick clinic floors-

-No rushed appointments-

We are the FIRST and ONLY Low-Stress Handling -Silver Certified veterinary practice in the St. Louis area!

We bring our supplies with us and perform most diagnostics and treatments inside your home. We offer preventative care (vaccines, heartworm, etc) as well as modern-day diagnostics (ears/skin infections, blood and urine testing, pain management, etc). Our physical exam includes a complimentary nail trim, if desired. 

We treat all ages, from puppies and kittens, to senior dogs and cats whom we help live better and longer. We stay long enough to answer all of your questions.

We also provide in-home hospice care, euthanasia, and care of remains.

Vet visits at home mean high-quality, convenient, and personalized patient care with minimal stress… for pets and their owners!

What’s a home vet visit like? Click here for what to expect!

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