Tick season will be here soon

OK, I realize the forecast for tomorrow is snow. Gotta love the midwest. After we get through this, if anyone is like me, we’ll have cabin fever and want to get out and hike, walk, whatever we enjoy. So will the ticks. They will be hungry, and hanging out in brushy areas and tall grass. It is a myth that they fall from trees, and wearing a hat will help. Ticks are more of a ground assault, so your dog or cat that is walking through the weeds  or sniffing in that bush will make a great tick magnet. To boot, the life stage of tick that is looking for lunch now is often a nymph, which is very tiny – think sesame seed tiny! They feed for a few days, then hop off to go find their next meal, and you will likley never see them on your pet. These are the types of ticks that spread diseases like Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, and Anaplasma. As with most disease, prevention is the best idea, so if your pet goes outside, consider using a preventative such as Frontline or the Preven-Tic collar!