Keeping your cat healthy

Most people know that cats are safest when kept indoors. If your cat enjoys going outdoors (some cats love it, some cats loathe it!) it’s best with the safety of a harness and leash. Problem with the indoor -only lifestyle? Most cats are overweight, and get little or no exercise. Here are some good indoor activities to get your couch-potato cat to move a little.

  1. Kitty condos can offer an opportunity to climb – great exercise for the back legs!
  2. Provide a scratching post or pad.
  3. Two words – laser pointer. Cats that are hunters can wear themselves out chasing these!
  4. Does your cat love paper or boxes? Leave a paper bag or box out so she can play.
  5. Teaching your cat to “fetch” a toy or interact with a feathery toy on a string can be fun for you both.
  6. Get your cat a food puzzle. Toys (ie – Kong brand) require your cat to work to remove treats inside.
  7. Consider adopting a playmate if your cat isn’t geriatric. A kitten can be fun for EVERYONE on the household.