Housecall veterinarian vs mobile veterinarian

I’ve realized that although the terms housecall veterinarian and mobile veterinarian seem synonymous, they actually have different….innuendos. People often associate mobile veterinarians with large vans, doing surgeries on the corner. The most common example of this would be a mobile low-cost spay/neuter clinic. Typically they travel to different regions on specified days, and people bring […]

“Quiz-mas” take home points

Couple take-home points on keeping pets safe during the holidays: – To be safe, if you have that dog or cat that just HAS to chew on everything, it’s probably best to not have any plants in the house. Sure, if they munch on a poinsettia plant, they won’t need to be rushed to a […]

Mistletoe, NOT poinsettias, can be deadly

Which plant should your cat NEVER consume or chew due to toxin risk? A) Christmas cactus B) Mistletoe C) Spice orchid D) Poinsettia Our first question showed us that poinsettia plants really are not the poisonous killers people think they are. They do irritate the stomach and cause drooling and vomiting, but do not require […]

Little-known holiday toxin

We continue our 12 Days of Quiz-mas with a tough one! This is a very very bad deal if your dog (or cat) eats it, yet it doesn’t get nearly the press that chocolate and raisins do. I’ll give more details below… Which holiday treat can be fatal if eaten, and almost ALWAYS means a […]

Are ham bones or meat safe?

Forget the desserts! Your dog wants to help out with the leftover ham! What condition will ham (meat or bones) NOT contribute to? A) Gastroenteritis (vomit/diarrhea) B) Pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) C) Intestinal obstruction D) Ham/bone consumption can cause all of the above Yep, it was D. Sure, some dogs eat ham, or chew […]

Is ALL chocolate poisonous to dogs?

Third quiz question for our “TWELVE DAYS OF QUIZ-MAS”: Your dog loves to steal holiday cookies! Which type of cookie is the most toxic? A) Milk chocolate B) Dark chocolate C) White chocolate D) Oreos (Double stuffed) B – Not all chocolate is created equal! Oreos contain very little actual chocolate, and are not considered […]

Can nuts be toxic to your dog?

 Question 2 -You drop a can of mixed nuts, and your dog is eager to help you clean up! While eating these certainly will not help her figure, which nut has toxic potential? A) Peanuts B) Walnuts C) Macadamia nuts D) Cashews C) Macadamia nuts are toxic. While not as serious as chocolate, if eaten […]

Are Poinsettias poisonous to cats? NO!

Our first quiz question: 1 – You see your cat chewing on a poinsettia plant. What should you do? A) Remove all poinsettia plants from the house immediately. B) Rush your kitty to the nearest veterinary emergency center. C) Call the ASPCA Poison Control Hotline while you dig out your credit card. D) Move the plant […]

Holidays and Pet Safety – Quiz is starting!

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! Tomorrow is Dec 1, and with that begins our “Twelve Days of Quiz-mas.” Alternate days will be a question, then answer, about holiday safety for pets. The newsletter will come out Tuesday, and all the answers are in there as well. This is not at all a contest (I […]