Is ALL chocolate poisonous to dogs?

Third quiz question for our “TWELVE DAYS OF QUIZ-MAS”:

Your dog loves to steal holiday cookies! Which type of cookie is the most toxic?
A) Milk chocolate
B) Dark chocolate
C) White chocolate
D) Oreos (Double stuffed)

B – Not all chocolate is created equal! Oreos contain very little actual chocolate, and are not considered dangerous. White chocolate is an imposter, and does not contain any of the “chocolate toxin” methylxanthine that dark chocolate does, and is not toxic at all. The darker the chocolate, the more methylxanthines, and the more toxic it is for your dog. Milk chocolate, while not at all safe, is less panic-inducing than dark. If your dog consumes either, a conversation with a 24-hour emergency veterinary clinic is in order! They can calculate if the dose your dog ate is life-threatening or not, and advise you on the next steps. Often, inducing vomit is NOT enough, as the chocolate that’s already been digested can recycle through the liver and keep injuring it.