canine influenza – an update

Last spring the “new and deadly dog flu” was making headlines. Thankfully, the media hype has calmed down. I practice in St. Louis, and we just now had our first “official” case of canine influenza diagnosed. Thought now was a good time to re-visit the subject. Before everyone starts panicking, let’s get the facts and […]

When 2 Worry – Constipation (or is it?)

This topic seems to really stress out pet owners! And there seems to be a lot of confusion and misdirection. For some reason, it tends to be a middle-of-the-night phone message: “my dog/cat hasn’t pooped in __ days. We have to do something!!!” Not so fast. Take a breath. Constipation is not really all that […]

Pet Food Trials

Your veterinarian might have suggested a food trial for a couple reasons. If your dog has chronic ear infections and/or an itchy rear end, an allergy to food is top of the suspect list. If your cat has itchy spots, pulls out her hair, or has scabby areas, it could be her food she’s allergic […]

New resource on website

I often get phone calls from people looking for low-cost options for spaying and neutering. Often it’s a cat that showed up, they start feeding her, and she’s having kittens. She usually keeps her distance, and putting her in a carrier is next to impossible. There are many many places out there, so I put […]

Coconut oil – magic…..or meh?

Meh. Coconut oil is over-rated. Kinda like New Year’s Eve – supposed to be magic, but in reality, not that great, and overpriced. No, it isn’t terrible. There is a small niche of animals that truly can benefit. For the majority of problems, however, there are much better options out there. Let’s break it down: […]

Blocked cats

If your cat has suffered bouts of FIC flare-ups, your vet probably has warned you to watch and make sure your cat is able to urinate. What’s the big deal? Cats with FIC can develop sandy debris or stones in their bladders. When a male cat urinates and these try to pass, the long, skinny […]

Urinary tract disease in cats

One of the more frustrating problems I deal with as a veterinarian is cats and their bladder problems: the inflammation they get in their bladder that causes painful, bloody urine, often outside the litter box. It’s such a convoluted topic, no one can even agree on what to call it! When I was in vet […]

When 2 Worry – Holiday Edition

This time of year presents unique hazards to pets. Some are real. Some are overblown. Some no one really ever talks about! If you remember last year’s “12 days of quiz-mas” some of this may not be new to you. That means you’re becoming a well-educated pet-owner! When do you cancel the party and rush […]

What did I treat the days following Thanksgiving?

This year was interesting! In the two days following Thanksgiving, I did not see a single turkey bone ingestion. No vomiting pets. Only one diarrhea. What did I see most commonly? Dog fights! Apparently when two dogs want the turkey, it can get a little intense. So, reminder, if you are going to share any […]