Mistletoe, NOT poinsettias, can be deadly

Which plant should your cat NEVER consume or chew due to toxin risk?
A) Christmas cactus
B) Mistletoe
C) Spice orchid
D) Poinsettia

Our first question showed us that poinsettia plants really are not the poisonous killers people think they are. They do irritate the stomach and cause drooling and vomiting, but do not require veterinary treatment. The other two in this list are considered “pet safe” actually! Mistletoe, however, has true toxins in both the leaves and the berries. Symptoms of mild ingestion usually include drooling, vomiting, and diarrhea, which are not a huge deal. However, if ingested in larger quantities, the toxins in mistletoe can lead to plunging heart rate and blood pressure. Some animals even have seizures, become comatose, or die!

The redeeming quality is – think about where most people keep mistletoe – hanging up, right? So unless you have it displayed differently, or have a very acrobatic cat, access to the plant is usually severely hindered anyway. Just don’t leave it on the counter next to the cat treats. J