Certified in Low Stress Handling

We did it!!!!!!!! We are the FIRST (and the only!) veterinary practice in the greater St. Louis area to earn Silver Certification in Low-Stress Handling! Every one of us took the class, passed the many tests, and participated in a workshop to perfect our techniques. We learned how to read body language and interpret subtle […]

Low Stress Handling Workshop

We are in the process of earning our certification in Low-Stress Handling. It’s not just a piece of paper – we are truly changing the way we work with dogs and cats! Yesterday we closed the practice for a couple hours to hold a workshop to practice the different towel wraps for cats. All seven […]

Hemp, CBD, cannabis…will it help or hurt my pet?

This is such a hot topic, I wrote two very detailed blog articles about CBD, hemp, and cannabis products a couple years ago, but need to make a more personal one for the newsletter. You’re welcome. 🙂 Why are vets so wishy-washy on the subject: Cannabis, CBD, and Hemp oil, even those with no THC, […]

Coming soon – Low Stress Handling Certification!

I have been telling my staff I want to do this for years, and it’s finally happening! There is a training and certification program created by a veterinary behavior specialist called Low Stress Handling. It teaches alternate ways of treating and restraining dogs and cats that are less scary and more calming. Obviously, we employ […]

Belleville location opening this month!

It’s official! We own the property at 1601 North Belt West in Belleville. The location is somewhat central, at the Belleville/Swansea border. We’re right off of 17th St/ Sullivan Dr. as well as Route 161. We passed all of our inspections, and are waiting on the flooring installation. Kinda stinks because we can’t do anything else […]

App not so great – shopping for a new one

Do you have our app on your phone or tablet? Did you used to love it, and lately it hasn’t been working? The app was a great way to send us updates, request prescription refills, request appointments…had a lot of cool stuff. A couple months ago it got buggy, and the most commonly used features – […]

Do vaccines keep your pet healthy?

Many years ago, I had a client with several cats. He would bring each one in and proclaim what a great pet owner he was, because he vaccinated EVERY pet EVERY year. He would end every exam by saying “I keep MY cats healthy!” I applaud his enthusiasm, and his love for his cats. But […]

Tri-Heart rebates

If you bought Tri-Heart for your dog in 2018, you qualify for a rebate! I have been trying to get these all year, and finally got a sales rep with a pulse! You’ll get $6 back on one box (6-pack) and $12 back on two boxes. If you’d like a paper form, send us a […]

Pregnant? You can keep your cat! All about Toxoplasmosis

Many pregnant women go to their first doctor visit and leave with unnecessary fear and anxiety about their beloved cat. Physicians have been getting better in the past years, but there are still some doctors out there who have not kept up with the times, and are telling pregnant women they cannot have a cat […]

Sunscreen for pets?

Dogs don’t need sunscreen, do they? Most of the time they do not. Their fur shields their skin very well. However, there are situations where dogs can become severely burned if we are not vigilant, and we actually need to put sunscreen on our dogs. The first possibility that came to your mind is probably […]