The Diva Dog Project

Share your furry fashionista’s photo! The Diva Dog Project is raising funds for St. Louis area shelters and rescue groups by having pet owners share glamorous photos of their dogs, then donating to one of five shelters.

Your dog can be both shedding and chic! Furry and fabulous!

dog wearing pink boa

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The Diva Dog Project was inspired by a patient of mine -a sweet black poodle named Ariel. She would wear a pink boa around the house, completely un-phased! Ariel’s sweet nature (and fabulous bone structure) work well with the pink boa. She’s a natural diva.

Black poodle in pink boaIt got me thinking. How would my dog look in a colorful boa? That is the question I am raising. Something else we are raising is money for a few local animal rescue groups.

Anyone can participate! It’s 3 fun and easy steps!

Step 1 – Glam

Get creative!  I started with boas, but bandanas, scarves, bows, beads, anything safe and non-scary! Borrow from friends, or even make your own boa. And yes, boy dogs can be divas too!

Step 2 – Share

Three ways to share your diva’s photo:

Click here to post your photo to our Facebook page (use the hashtag #DivaDogProject).

Not on Facebook? Email your photo to

Text your photo to 618-327-0417 and I will post it and pin it for you. (We’ll be pinning photos to our Pinterest board as well, so check it out!)

Step 3 – Donate

Click on a link below to donate to the rescue of your choice. A suggested donation is $8. You do not need a PayPal account. (Once you get to PayPal, look on the bottom). If you’re feeling generous, you can donate to all five groups ($40 total)!

So for an $8 donation to a rescue group, your chic canine can be admired by the world. 

If you’d like to donate more, that’s great! 


**All donations go directly to the rescue you choose, and not through the Diva Dog Project**

Queenie was rescued from a puppy mill. The boa was a little scary, but she's still glam!

Queenie was rescued from a puppy mill. The boa was a little scary, but she’s still glam!


If your pet does not tolerate the boa or any other attire, you may still participate! Just have accessories somewhere in the picture (floor is fine), even if it is not on the pet. For some dogs, especially those rescued from puppy mills, wearing things can be scary. Rescues are the most special divas, so keep it fun! 


terrier mix with beads pitbull with feather boaPoodle in pink scarfdogs wearing beads chewie maltese border colie mix chihuahua with feather boa golden retriever with feather boastripe mia poodle with pink boa pit bull ready for summer dachshund wearing boawhite mini poodles lab with mizzou scarf dachshund with boa bullmastiff in tutu

By submitting your photo, you agree and accept The Diva Dog Project’s following terms and conditions (legal mumbo jumbo):
Submission of all photos is completely voluntary, and you grant permission to the Diva Dog Project, Metro-East Home Vet Care LLC, and its associates to use your pet’s photo in various appropriate (both social media and website) promotional uses as seen fit. Donations made to rescues are on the honor system.
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