Buying prescription food for your pet

If your dog or cat needs a prescription diet, I have probably written or emailed you a prescription. Now what?

The fastest way to get food is to take the prescription to a Petsmart that has a vet in it. (Both O’Fallon and Glen Carbon stores have this, but the Belleville store does not! Many stores in St. Louis (Kingshighway, Brentwood) have vets and therefore carry prescription food also).

You’ll take the prescription to the Banfield (vet) desk in the store. The employee will put your information into the computer system, and give you a card with a bar code on it. From that point on, you can just buy the food and not need to stop at the vet every time, as long as you have that card.

This is great for when you need food fast, or when you want to try a can or two of several kinds, without committing to a whole case. Save your receipt! Both Hill’s and Royal Canin guarantee their food. If your pet doesn’t like it, you can bring it back. Open bags of food? Yep, they will take it back! (Some Petsmart managers forget this and need reminding that it’s the manufacturer guarantee.)

Once you know what your pet loves, you can buy food online as well. You will have to buy a case of canned food at a time, so be ready to commit. You will need to email an image of the prescription to the company, but then can buy the food.