Online breeders – Go Daddy commercial

Don’t normally post stuff like this, but this needs mentioning. Hope it saves a life.
People are talking about the “Go Daddy” ad that was pulled. I guess if a commercial doesn’t give out the correct dose of warm fuzzy, it’s declared bad, inappropriate, whatever.
I loved the commercial. Wish they’d air it all the time.
Why? The commercial is about people who sell puppies online. The vast majority of these breeders are unethical, small-scale puppy mills. I’m glad the commercial made people think “how appalling,” although they’ll turn around and buy a puppy online a couple months from now, and feel great about it. (Short term memories we have).
In reality, “Buddy” wouldn’t have a name, he’d be a number.
And the nice sunny “farm” is a house in either rural or suburban America with some cages in the garage, maybe out in the yard.
If they would have shown the bald, underweight breeding momma in the background, it would have been complete.
People need to know not to buy dogs from breeders online – they are fronts for puppy mills/backyard breeders/pick the name du jour.
I hope this commercial starts THAT conversation and raises awareness.
I’m glad America was appalled! We need to STAY appalled – for the sake of the dogs forced to breed their whole lives in these places, and the dogs dying in shelters because people chose to buy from “breeders.”