March “You can do that?!?”

This month’s featured service is nail trimming!
Not because it requires a veterinary degree (it assuredly doesn’t).
Not because it saves lives.
We’re featuring it because, as of this year, we started including a reasonable nail trim with any exam for no extra cost. Many owners will maintain every other aspect of their pet, except for nails. The mere mention of trimming nails often brings a look of horror to a pet owner’s face. And yes, when an animal’s nails are exceptionally long, it can make walking more difficult, and can even affect joints!
So, we are happy to trim your pets nails while we’re there. I clarified it must be a “reasonable” nail trim. If Fluffy is a love bug, but turns into a man-eating beast at the attempt to trim the nails, that will not be included with the exam. If we can trim the nails within a reasonable length of time (20 minutes is not reasonable) and not overly stress your pet (or Jenn) then we’re happy to do it. Most pets will carry on, act melodramatic, sing, whine, whatever, while we’re doing it – that’s pretty normal. After we’re finished, many will take a treat and be our friend again. Gotta love forgiveness….or short-term memories.