Keeping Cats and Dogs Safe on Halloween

Everybody (hopefully) knows the shpeal: Don’t give your dog chocolate. Some sugar free foods are toxic. Keep your pets inside. Here are a few things we might not think about in the hustle and excitement of the festivities.
–People dressed in costumes, especially masks, can be scary to many pets. If you’re planning on taking your pet with you while you’re in a costume, do a practice run the day before so he or she can get used to it.
–Costumes on pets are a lot of fun – but make sure your pet is having fun too! Features like flashing lights and noises can be scary and distracting. Loose edges that are cosmetically appealing can sometimes be downright delicious, yet not intended for consumption, if you know what I mean!
–If you host a party or trick-or-treaters, consider confining your pet to a “safe room” with their bed and favorite toys. If they want to come out and socialize later, it’s important to keep tabs on snacks they may eat, or doors they may exit.
–Most importantly, follow your pet’s cues. If you choose to participate in a costume contest or other social activities and your dog is scared and unwilling, do not force the issue. Crowded places with silly looking people can be a lot to handle, and even a well socialized dog can find it un-nerving. Remember, the point is to have fun!

Reggie Clown