Is your pet’s microchip registered?

Adventures in housecall practice – investigator style! One of our long time clients found a stray cat. She had taken her to a local shelter and had her scanned for a microchip. She was told the cat had a chip, but it was not registered, and it was a dead end. NO way to find the owner.
We came to check out the new kitty, and scanned her. Yes, she had a chip. No her owners had not registered her microchip. BUT, she was registered to the shelter from which she was adopted. After repeated phonecalls and talking with THAT shelter’s staff, we were able to find out who owned this cat. She was FIVE miles from home and had been gone a month!
MORAL OF THE STORY – THE MICROCHIP IN YOUR PET IS NOT HELPFUL IF IT IS NOT REGISTERED! This kitty was very fortunate we checked again, and took the effort to (persistently) contact the shelter and get the info. Many pets are not that lucky. Some shelters don’t keep the contact data. Please make sure your pet’s microchip information is up to date! Kitty is now back home with the people she knows and loves. We had to get Melissa to let go of her.