How to share a video

With today’s technology, it’s easy for many people to record transient symptoms. Often these files are too large to email. So, how do you get the video to me? Many options exist, but I thought youtube might be the simplest means. I created a channel on just for my clients to upload videos of their pets. I don’t expect this to be used often, but wanted you to be aware of it, should the need arise. I can’t guarantee I’ll know what it is, but can at least give you some feedback! I will provide the password at the time.

Go to
Click the blue box on the upper right that says “Sign In”
It will take you to google. Log in as metroeastvet
Enter the password I told you
If a pop-up window appears, simply cancel out of it.
Click on the grey bottom in the upper right that says “upload”
Click on the box marked “Public” and select “Private” (This prevents others from seeing it).
Click on the large up-pointing arrow in the center, then select the video file from your computer
Once the video is uploaded, email me  and I’ll look at it.
Click on the blue image of a person in the upper right, then click “Sign Out.”