Helping older dogs gain confidence

We are thrilled to be the first (and only) vet in the St. Louis area to offer Woodrow Wear socks.
Socks? For dogs? Really?
It’s more of a medical device than a fashion statement.
Many older dogs that I treat develop arthritis and/or weakness in their legs, particularly their rear legs. While a young strong dog can get up from a wood floor easily, the older dogs often struggle. Slick stairs can be tough as well. Imagine your legs being sore and tired, and then having to live on an ice rink – would you get up and walk much? Would you be happy?
I discovered the Woodrow Wear socks a few years ago and loved them immediately. They are thin fabric and not bulky like booties, meaning most dogs tolerate them well. They have rubber on the bottom, giving your dog the traction he needs to help him stand and walk better. They are not waterproof, so not intended for ice or snow. These are for every day indoor wear, to help improve your dog’s quality of life.
To be clear, these will not help relieve pain in any way. They are part of what we vets call “multi-modal pain management.” That means addressing the whole dog and his or her problems from various angles. Stability is one of those angles. (Many of these dogs are on other pain medications as well.) Having sure footing may help to maintain strength, as a dog who can use his legs with confidence will maintain muscle tone better than a dog who struggles on a slick floor, therefore avoids moving as much or, worse, slips and is injured.
I found myself recommending these socks to many pet owners, then telling them to buy them online. That stinks for a lot of reasons – having to pay shipping, and not being able to try on before buying. So I decided to carry them myself! That way, your dog can try them on, making sure he or she gets the right size, and making sure they are tolerated. And, no shipping costs!
If you think your dog may benefit from these, email or call me. I’ve been impressed by the immediate improvement in confidence and mobility in many dogs who have them!
Ironically, the only dog I ever met who would not tolerate them was, of course, my own dog!

Woodrow Wear