For Adoption – Great Young Dog!

Some friends of mine rescued a puppy from their alley, curled up with a broken leg. They put him back together, neutered him, and now he’s ready for his forever home. He’s your typical energetic one-year old, and a nice size at 30-40 lbs! I’ll put you in touch if you’d like more info. Here’s what they had to say:

Radar has learned sit, down, touch and is crate trained. He is very polite and will sit before going through a door or taking a treat. This boy loves to play and play and play. If you can’t find your shoe, shirt, pants or delicates just take a peek in his kennel or the couch and you might find your clothes. He loves to learn and is very curious about everything!!!
He is very food motivated and will put anything in his mouth – whether it’s meant to be eaten or not. He is high energy and always ready to go for a walk, run or just play. He loves to chase so would do better in a home without cats. He is still learning to play with other dogs and remain focused and behaved in new surroundings.