How do I schedule an appointment?

There are many ways to contact us to schedule an appointment!

Call or text 618-327-0417 (we usually answer between 9-6, but leave a message if we don’t!).

Email MetroEastHomeVet@gmail.com.

Appointments are available Monday – Friday. We also offer evening and weekend appointments when needed, especially for end of life services. Our low stress clinic is open one Saturday a month as well.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We take cash, checks, as well as major credit cards. (There is an additional fee for returned checks.) Unfortunately, we cannot currently accept Care Credit.

cat on scale

Boots had a ball on our scale!

Can you bill me later?

No. Payment is due at the time of services.

Is it true you donate a significant portion of your profits to local shelters and rescues every year?

Yes! We’re strong believers in adoption, rescue, and saving lives. Dr. Louis rescues dogs from puppy mills on her own, and fosters senior dogs with medical or emotional needs for various rescue groups as well! Check out our page Metro East Home Vet Gives Back.

Do you offer 1-year or 3-year vaccinations?

We offer both. We’ll discuss your pet’s vaccination history, exposure, and lifestyle, than make a decision based on those factors. We do not have blanket rules that apply to all pets, since not all pets are equal! Here’s a couple vaccine-related articles (from my VetChick.com blog) to get your wheels turning prior to our appointment.

Does your dog need a Lepto vaccine?                      Bordatella myths and facts

What if my pet is aggressive or uncooperative?

Many pets who may be fearful in a vet clinic may do great at home with a visiting veterinarian. Others simply do not want to be handled by a stranger. While most animals can be comforted by having their owner present, the visitors going slow, or with special treats, a very small minority simply cannot be safely handled by a stranger without sedation. If my technician and I feel as though we are unable to safely perform an exam or do whatever procedures are necessary, we will stop. (In 5+ years of business, this has only happened twice). The travel fee (starting at $85 depending on location) must always be paid. The safety and well-being of the pet, the owners, and ourselves are the top priority!!

dog on back

Home vet visit wore her out!

Do you have an address?  How about a fax number?

Yes! Our mailing address is:

PO Box 246
O’Fallon, IL 62269

Our Low-Stress Clinic is at:

1601 North Belt West

Belleville, IL 62226

Our FAX number is:  618-327-0417. Yes, that is the same as our phone number. Weird, but it works, I have no idea how!

Will I be restraining my pet?

Only if you really want to. Our superb technicians can restrain while you talk to your pet as well. Many pets do best with someone else (ie – a technician) doing the holding, but their owner talking to them where they can see them. Some pets are performers, and calm down when the owner out out of sight. If you don’t want to be around at all for blood draws or needles, you may step away. A lot of these procedures, when performed at a vet clinic, are done “in the back” and away from the owner, so most owners prefer to step away. It’s whatever makes you (and your pet) more comfortable!

How can a vet visit be done in my living room?

We bring all of our supplies and take them when we go. We have two kinds of scale to get accurate weights, a microscope for diagnostics, an otoscope for looking into ears, an ophthalmascope for looking at eyes, a blood pressure machine…the works!  We do quite a bit of crawling around on the floor, but animals feel more relaxed when we come down to their level. Besides, that puts us in “kissing” range.