Metro-East Home Vet Care gives back

Every year I donate a significant portion of our proceeds (around 10%) to local rescues and shelters.

I give monthly contributions, donate in memory of patients I put to sleep, and give sums at the end of the year. To spread the love, I support many different groups on both sides of the river. (I also do my own rescuing, taking in elderly dogs with major medical needs.)

Then I had the idea – what if instead of just sending a check, I could get others to donate as well? Bring even MORE funds to the rescue or shelter?  Help save even MORE animals? So I started creating donor-match events.

Our most recent fundraiser helps Partners for Pets in the Brackets for Good Challenge.

vet helps shelters

St. Louis area non-profits compete in different rounds to finally crown a champion. Each round is won by the group that collects the most donations.

Metro-East Home Vet Care added a “Buzzer Beater” to each round, totaling $2,500, to help Partners for Pets advance, and raise more funds to save animals in need.

With our help, the rescue advanced the farthest they ever have in the contest!



Here’s some of our previous donation events:





Want to help cats? Our donor match for Belleville Area Humane Society feline expansion on Giving Tuesday was a huge success! The community donated $2,133 in one day, which we matched- thank you everyone!






Want to help dogs? Missed Giving Tuesday? Need a Christmas gift for a hard-to-shop-for person? Donations made to St. Louis Senior Dog Project Dec 1-18, were matched to help get more old dogs into loving homes.


Rest assured, this won’t be the only time I do this. I’m just kicking myself for not having thought of it sooner!

Can’t donate? No worries! Every rescue and shelter would LOVE to have volunteers! You can walk dogs, clean cages, or even help with computer work without having to leave home.

Can’t volunteer? Spread the word about adoption. It’s easy and doesn’t cost a thing!