A True Housecall Poster Child

Today we had a unique opportunity with a sweet German Shepherd named Juno.

I first met Juno while working in a large veterinary clinic in St. Louis. Juno was so terrified of the vet clinic, she needed sedation and anti-anxiety medication. Even with those, she would tremble and hide behind her mom, scared to death. She would curl up into a ball and try to become invisible. Even though we tried to talk nice and go slow, she was inconsolable.

Juno realizes her mom has treats

Juno realizes her mom has treats

Today we visited her in her home for her annual vaccinations and bloodwork. She was a different dog! She greeted us enthusiastically, did tricks for treats, and kissed us profusely. She played ball with us, and was fantastic for her shots and blood draw. No sedation, no drugs of any kind. Just a happy girl in her own home.

Even better, we had an hour to spend with her and her owner, which let us discuss all her medical needs, diet, prescriptions, etc in detail.