We love senior pets!

Sure, I love every single cute puppy and kitten. Who doesn’t? But my real passion is senior pets. The “Oldies but Goodies.” The grey-muzzled, cloudy-eyed dogs. The flakey-haired cats. Seniors are smart – they’ve been around and know how to get what they want. They also have unique needs (ie – sometimes forgetting what it is that they want!).  Older animals also have the most distinctive personalities, and often become more needy or even demanding with age. I offer senior/hospice care for geriatric dogs and cats in their homes. Advances in pain management, pharmaceuticals, and internal medicine can help us give your pet not only a longer life, but more importantly, a good quality of life.

hospice care for pets

The Pepperman at 15 years old.

The two most common issues we deal with in senior animals are dementia and chronic pain. Many owners do not think of dementia in dogs and cats as an issue, but once we start discussing and identifying the symptoms, it becomes obvious that senility is affecting everyone’s quality of life. There are various ways to help keep your pet’s mind healthy as she ages, and I am happy to talk about them! Hospice care for animals involves helping both the mind and the body.

Managing chronic pain using a combination of therapies (known as multi-modal pain management) is one of my particular interests. Dogs and cats hide pain, and learning to identify the subtle signs and address them can help to drastically improve your pet’s quality, and quantity, of life! I have seen my own geriatric pets keep on enjoying life thanks to modern-day medicine! (Click for articles on how to know if your dog or cat is in pain).

Studies show that pets who are examined by a veterinarian twice a year live longer. Twice yearly labwork and physical exams can help us monitor the progression of any present diseases, but also can detect anything going on inside your pet before it becomes life-threatening. Dogs and cats are amazing at hiding symptoms, and some problems progress so slowly, an owner who sees the pet every day can easily miss any subtle cues. Ask me what can be done to make sure your elderly cat or dog lives the best life possible!