What CANNOT be done in your home

Let’s face it – we have limitations! We do not have (or want!) a specialized RV, but a Prius hybrid station wagon.

That’s because we want your pet to stay in your home! (And you wouldn’t want your pet to have surgery in the back of a van, would you!?!)

The beagle brigade naps after our visit

The following services cannot be done in-home, but can be done in our Belleville Low-Stress clinic:

  • Dentals (cleaning and extractions under general anesthesia)
  • X-rays
  • Spay and neuter surgeries
  • Ultrasound
  • Tumor removal and other soft tissue surgeries
  • Sedation for any procedure

Finally, we cannot treat animals that are extremely aggressive. Many animals may be scared in a vet clinic, but do quite well with a doctor at home. Often, simply taking time to let the pet warm up to the “stranger” is all we need! We have found a lot of animals who act aggressively in a vet clinic do well at home. If they are still nervous, we can provide anti-anxiety medication for the owner to give prior to our next visit, and we’ll come back a different day.

That being said: Some pets require full sedation at a veterinary clinic due to aggression. If that is warranted at home, we cannot perform that type of restraint in a home setting.