The Mo and Tracy Gray Angel Fund

Mo was 29 pounds of love! He had his share of health problems, and his owner, Tracy Rehbein Gray, was dedicated to
giving him the best life possible. Prescription food, oral medication, and even an inhaler for his breathing were all his routine.

Mo succumbed to his multiple ailments at the age of 13. He was put to sleep in his favorite room (the kitchen), being snuggled by his mom, with treats in his mouth! Tracy, who had a passion for animals, expressed her interest in setting up a fund to help pet owners who could not afford the care their pets needed. She understood how expensive diagnostics and treatments can be for a pet who is part of the family. Tracy considered herself very fortunate to be able to care for Mo, and wanted to help loving pet owners who were less fortunate. We set up the fund in Mo’s name, and she gave a generous contribution to establish a way to help existing clients with pets in need.

Three days later, Tracy went missing.

She was found deceased in one of her favorite places, a wildlife preserve.

Through their grief, her family wanted to make the fund in both Mo and Tracy’s honor. Tracy wanted to help animals, and this is what she would have wanted. She was a woman with a heart of gold, whose life was cut short.
We named it the Mo and Tracy Rehbein Gray Angel Fund, and it was founded in June of 2022.

Tracy is with Mo, and they are both guardian angels for pets in need.

If a surgery, diagnostic test, or a medication can help a pet live a long and happy life, Tracy wanted the pets to get the help they need.

Contributions to the fund are welcomed! (click here for the site)

Recipients of funds are existing clients who have difficulty paying for unexpected veterinary bills. The staff of Metro East Home Vet Care distributes funds solely at their discretion. As of May 2023 we have helped improve the lives of five pets, and we hope to help many more!