What did I treat the days following Thanksgiving?

This year was interesting! In the two days following Thanksgiving, I did not see a single turkey bone ingestion. No vomiting pets. Only one diarrhea. What did I see most commonly? Dog fights! Apparently when two dogs want the turkey, it can get a little intense. So, reminder, if you are going to share any […]

When 2 Worry?! – Diarrhea

Everyone has dealt with it at one point. It’s never pretty. It’s diarrhea. Of course, I could write pages and pages on this topic. Seriously though, when do you start to worry? There are many variables at play, and the diarrhea could be a nuisance that clears up easily with medication, or could be life […]

Housecall veterinarian vs mobile veterinarian

I’ve realized that although the terms housecall veterinarian and mobile veterinarian seem synonymous, they actually have different….innuendos. People often associate mobile veterinarians with large vans, doing surgeries on the corner. The most common example of this would be a mobile low-cost spay/neuter clinic. Typically they travel to different regions on specified days, and people bring […]