Low-cost spay/neuter

I often get phone calls from people looking for low cost options to have a pet spayed or neutered. Often it’s a stray cat that they are feeding, but need to break the cycle of kittens. For these situations, low-cost spay neuter is a great choice! Some places can even loan you a trap if mom isn’t overly excited about you touching her.

Yes, when you go to a low-cost facility, corners are cut. No, the pet will not get IV fluids throughout the procedure. Anesthesia monitoring is not near the level of a modern clinic. Pain medication after the surgery can be hit or miss (it will be provided if you ask for it, but make sure to ask for it! It may cost a little extra, but 100% worth it!).

For older animals, or those with other medical issues, I’d suggest a “regular” clinic that uses modern day anesthesia (not all do) and pain management. But for a young healthy animal that needs to stop being a kitten or puppy factory, the low-cost places are perfect!

Here’s a list of some in the St. Louis area:

Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic – located on Jefferson near Lafayette Square

Operation SPOT – has various clinics throughout the area

Gateway Pet Guardians – provides low or no cost spay/neuter for low-income residents of East St. Louis and surrounding communities

Humane Society of Missouri – The SNIP program is free to St. Louis City residents. Other MO resident’s its $25.

St. Louis County Animal Control – low cost for county residents

Madison County Humane Society – for farm owners or low income Madison County residents

Hartz Second Chance – operated out of the Collinsville Animal control building