Halloween Costume Contest

There are two ways to enter our Halloween Costume Contest!

Trick-or-Treater division: Bring your pet in costume to our Low Stress Clinic at 1601 N. Belt West in Belleville. We’ll take a picture and post it on this page, along with our Facebook and Instagram accounts. All trick-or-treaters, both pet and person, will receive a fun treat just for coming in. New patients welcome! Contest dates are Oct 30 from 3-6pm and Oct 31 from 12-6pm.

Pumpkin division: Those pets who are used to vet care at home, and who would not enjoy the trip to the clinic, can enter as well! Simply e-mail ONE OR TWO clear photos of your pet in costume at home to MetroEastHomeVet@gmail.com and we’ll post it on this page, along with our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Pumpkin division is for existing patients only. Please do not use filters or frames – we want to see the pet as he or she really looks! Pumpkin division entries are accepted starting Oct 15 and ends 6pm on Oct 31.

Guidelines are below.

One winner from each division will receive a super fun prize pack! Winners announced Nov 1.

Pets in the same family may enter as individuals or as group costumes.

Costumes are judged based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Adorable-ness (or scariness – whatever you’re going for!)
  • Comfort level of the pet

Who are the judges? Veterinarians around the country who are friends of ours will be impartial judges. They are super excited about this “job!”

Not sure how to get your dog or cat used to a costume? Here’s some tips:

If your pet hasn’t worn any clothing before, start with a simple costume. Something that simply ties around like a collar can be very cute!

As you add complexity, keep the treats handy! This makes the experience positive and rewards their…. tolerance.

If you put a costume on your dog and he wants to get it off, sometimes a quick walk up the street is enough to get their mind off it. Then they realize it isn’t so bad next time you put it on!

Most importantly, this is supposed to be fun! If your pet really is hating it, don’t force the issue. Some pets love costumes! Others don’t. We can’t win them all.