Cat visits

Here’s the scoop on home vet care for cats!
Our fee for travel and physical exam depends a little bit on where you live. The general Belleville/O’Fallon/Collinsville area is $120 for travel, physical exam, and a nail trim is included, as long as it is not too stressful. 🙂
Additional pets in the same visit are $54 each for physical exam and optional nail trim. This applies to the 2nd and 3rd pet. From the fourth pet on, it goes to half price, and is $27 per pet.
For the shy cats, or those who just don’t dig strangers, we’ve found having them in a bathroom prior to our arrival makes everything go much smoother. Of course, some cats will sit on their favorite perch, and we can treat them there, but first time visits we try to have them somewhat confined to avoid the stress of chasing/hiding.
For vaccines, we recommend 3-year shots whenever possible. The 3-year and 1-year vaccines are the same vaccine, so we don’t want to over-vaccinate if it is not needed. Both the rabies and the distemper (FVRCP) are available in 1-year and 3-year versions, and are $20 each for 1-year and $36 each for 3-year. Once we talk about the vaccines your cat has had, and when, we can decide which shots are best.
For older cats that are exclusively indoor, I’m not too concerned about vaccines. Yes, my recommendation is to “keep them legal” with a current rabies vaccine. Beyond that, I am much more interested in getting a thorough physical exam, and checking bloodwork to look for common old-cat diseases. These include thyroid disease, kidney disease, diabetes, or liver disease. Blood tests range from $89 – $125, depending on the panel. If we suspect kidney disease, we may recommend a urinalysis, which is $48. Detecting these diseases early gives us a chance to address them and improve the life of the cat – and the owner! 🙂
For cats that do venture outside, it’s also a good idea to do a fecal test for intestinal parasites ($29). In households with multiple pets, we’ll often get one or two poop samples as “representative” samples as we might not know whom they are from, and will treat everyone if we find something.
Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment!