Thanks to Reliance Bank!

Reliance Bank in O’Fallon has been nice enough to feature our business for the next two weeks! We’re giving away the fridge magnets at the table. Also, everyone who makes a transaction gets a coupon for a free bag of Lean Treats with their exam.

Special February Pricing

The arctic temperatures we’ve experienced this winter are history-making. That leads to history-making power bills (and not in a good way!). So, the month of February, we’re offering half-price travel fees! We’ll see how it goes. We’re still a somewhat new practice, so this will be new for all of us. Maybe we’ll make a […]

Heartworm in dogs and cats – very different!

Are all heartworm infections equal? The short answer is: no. The two main species that get heartworm infections that I learned about back in vet school was dogs and….sea lions! It wasn’t until toward the end of my time in vet school that the field was discovering that cats in fact get heartworm too. The […]

Nail trims galore!

As of 2014, ALL physical exams include a nail trim at no extra charge, as long as the pet is somewhat reasonable. (If the pet is very difficult, and the nail trim takes an exceptional amount of time, a charge may be incurred, which we’ll discuss).

Upcoming events for local shelters

Cosmic Bingo is Back for BAHS! The Belleville Area Humane Society is hosting a second Cosmic Bingo Fundraiser after the blazing success of the first. It’s at the Elks Lodge in Belleville on February 8. Register early, as the last one was sold out days before the event! Click here for details. Partners for Pets […]

Our first anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to Us! It was one year ago that I started officially driving to homes to treat pets. I had been doing it for friends and family for a while, but didn’t really have the medications or equipment. When I decided to make a career of it, I wanted to do it right. (Many […]

Veterinary Hospice

Hospice for Animals In the past few weeks, the growing field of veterinary hospice (home euthanasia) has made the news nationwide, and I couldn’t be more pleased! This is perhaps one of the most important services a veterinarian can provide.  When I was working in the animal hospital, the lack of options really bothered me. […]

Mange Mites 101

When you hear “mange’ you thing “gross!” Well yeah, mites crawling all over your pet is a pretty gross thought, but I see a few cases a year. Often the owner is surprised when I tell them the diagnosis, and they think it relates to a lack of cleanliness. That is not at all true! […]

You can do that? – Skin Scraping

This month’s “You can do that?!?” features skin scraping. “Skin Scrape” is a weird name for a test, but the test is quite useful. It’s how we diagnose mites (microscopic parasites) in an animal’s skin, sometimes called mange. When an animal has a bald spot, or other skin issues, sometimes I’ll perform a skin scrape […]

Take time out…

As we go into the “home stretch” of the holiday season, as your to-do list grows instead of shrinks, take a few seconds with your pets. Litterbox or potty habits the same? Eating and drinking the same? No new bald spots or scabs? Our pets can often sense our stress, so take time to “chill” […]