Ear infections in dogs and cats

Ear infections can be one of the most frustrating conditions to treat! If your senior pet has never had an ear infection, they probably never will. Other pets, particularly dogs, have a constant, lifelong battle with ear infections. Some dogs it’s just one ear, but always that same ear! What gives? These dogs that seem to […]

Do you need the pet safe ice melt?

Many businesses use ice melt or salt to keep the walkways safe. Homeowners often use it on the sidewalks in front of their houses. Pet owners often want to use ice melt, but fear harming their pets. What gives? There are “pet-safe” ice melts being sold. Are they really safer, or is it hype? If […]

Peanut Butter warning!

t’s quite common to use peanut butter to give your dog medication. It sticks to the pill and is downright delicious. A new trend is starting with some off-brand, “natural” type peanut butters. They are including a sweetener called xylitol. This is a safe, no-calorie sweetener for people, but is highly poisonous to dogs! Xylitol […]

Tick protection options

Many safe and effective options exist. Topicals like Frontline, Vectra, and K9 Advantix have been used for years. Collars such as Seresto or Preventic are popular as well, and work great. Recently, two new oral products came out that are getting fabulous reviews from both vets prescribing them and clients using them. Nexgard is a […]

Big dog visits just got easier!

We now have a scale that goes up to 255lbs to weigh our big dogs. It’s only 28 inches long, so it’s a little tight, but if they sit, it works. Finally found a flat scale that is not designed to be stationary! (Of course, trying to get my dogs to model for a picture […]