Doggy Dementia – AKA cognitive Dysfunction

We’ve all heard of Alzheimer’s Disease. Many of us probably knew someone who had it. Did you know senior dogs can develop dementia or senility as well? It’s more common than you think! About half of dogs in the US over 11 years old show symptoms of cognitive dysfunction. The syndrome can be tricky to […]

Come see us at Canine Carnival!

The APA of Missouri is having its annual Canine Carnival on Sunday, Oct 4 from 11-3. The event features carnival games and prizes for dogs (and children!), raffles, food trucks… a little bit of everything! The carnival is at Tilles Park in Ladue, MO (9551 Litzsinger Rd). If you come out, stop by and say […]

Big dog visits just got easier!

We now have a scale that goes up to 255lbs to weigh our big dogs. It’s only 28 inches long, so it’s a little tight, but if they sit, it works. Finally found a flat scale that is not designed to be stationary! (Of course, trying to get my dogs to model for a picture […]