Is my dog in pain?

How to know if your dog is in pain? When it comes to concealing pain, dogs have mad skills. Many of them are people pleasers. Very few dogs want to be a party pooper. So, hurting or not, the show must go on! They don’t want to let on if they are hurting. They will […]

How to brush your pet’s teeth

So your vet has been telling you to start brushing your dog or cat’s teeth. Or maybe you just read a fantastic article about it and are inspired. Sounds a little daunting – where to start? For toothbrushes, we have options. Some people love those little finger brushes. I am not one of them. I […]

When 2 Worry – Constipation (or is it?)

This topic seems to really stress out pet owners! And there seems to be a lot of confusion and misdirection. For some reason, it tends to be a middle-of-the-night phone message: “my dog/cat hasn’t pooped in __ days. We have to do something!!!” Not so fast. Take a breath. Constipation is not really all that […]

When 2 Worry – Holiday Edition

This time of year presents unique hazards to pets. Some are real. Some are overblown. Some no one really ever talks about! If you remember last year’s “12 days of quiz-mas” some of this may not be new to you. That means you’re becoming a well-educated pet-owner! When do you cancel the party and rush […]