What does YOUR heartworm preventative cover?

My earlier article went through every type of intestinal parasite that is treated by various American heartworm preventatives. But, which product treats what parasite? It is not simple! I color-coded the parasites for each product to make them easy to spot. Oral Medications Heartgard Plus The original. The classic. There are now many other brands […]

Heartworm preventatives do more than that!

Like most pet owners, you probably give your dog a preventative for heartworm every month. Many cats who go outside, live in the south, or both, receive monthly preventatives as well. It is very important to prevent heartworm, that’s for sure! It can be fatal in dogs if not treated. Treating is expensive and downright […]

Sentinel Rebates End March 31

Last year a new company started making Sentinel, but the rebates were already started. The rebate program ends March 31, and no one knows if they new manufacturer will continue it or not. Meanwhile, if you need Sentinel speak up! As long as purchases are made by March31 you have beyond that to submit the […]