pet cremation in the news

A sad news story is in the news, so wanted to bring it up in case you hear about it. A pet cremation service up in Pekin, IL (about 3 hours north of here) was not returning the actual pet’s ashes to the people….not sure what actually was in the boxes the people got. This […]

Is chemotherapy right for your pet?

If you’ve watched a (human) family member go through chemotherapy, you know it’s usually awful. You’re probably thinking “I would never put a pet I love through that.” Neither would I. But chemotherapy in pets is very different than it is in people. That’s a good thing. There are some similarities as well. Here’s some […]

“Quiz-mas” take home points

Couple take-home points on keeping pets safe during the holidays: – To be safe, if you have that dog or cat that just HAS to chew on everything, it’s probably best to not have any plants in the house. Sure, if they munch on a poinsettia plant, they won’t need to be rushed to a […]