Jackie’s Legacy

As a veterinarian, I try to “use my super powers for good.” I have a soft spot in my heart for old dogs, and I love taking in elderly homeless dogs that are very difficult to adopt, and offering them a loving (and fun!) home during their final months/years. A couple rural animal controls know this, and whenever they get an older dog, especially one with medical problems, they call me. Being in smaller cities, they simply do not have the resources to give these dogs the medical care they need, and there is generally no interest from the public in adopting these dogs.

vet rescue

Jackie feeling sassy after playing in dirt!

I also rescue dogs from puppy mills. I used to spend nominal amounts of money at auctions to buy their freedom, but with very well-funded rescues now lining the pockets of puppy mills, I cannot justify spending money and feeding the cycle of abuse. I still get a “throw away” puppy mill dog from time to time.

I provide all the veterinary care I can provide from my own pocket. Vaccinations, heartworm tests, heartworm treatment if needed, deworming/de-flea-ing, senior bloodwork, and any and all medications. Because I am a house call vet, I cannot do any surgery myself. Therefore, dentals (oh, do these guys have nasty mouths!), spays/neuters, any tumor removals, as well as any needed x-rays all must be performed in local vet clinics. They give me a very nice discount, but it is still more money to spend. I typically spend $1,000- $2,000 per dog on dental treatments, spay/neuter, and other diagnostics and treatments. Whatever they need, they will get. Many have likely never seen a vet in their lives, so we have quite a job ahead of us!

Many dog lovers heard of my “hobby” and have wanted to help. I am not rich, and any financial help means I can save more dogs. Therefore, after years of people asking me to, I have set up a fund for people to donate. None of the money will end up in my bank account. Instead, it will be used to pay bills for surgeries and dentals at local clinics. 100% of these funds go to vet bills for surgeries and diagnostics at clinics. I will continue to provide all the services I can do as a housecall veterinarian pro bono.

maltese rescue

Jackie sporting her “bed head”

I named it Jackie’s Legacy, after a maltese I rescued from a puppy mill in 2016. She was 10 years old, and had such severe lung disease, she was purple and gasping for breath when I met her. Her liver was severely enlarged, and I cannot fathom how this old dog possibly had puppies. Yet, with twice a day breathing treatments, a special diet, and some oral medications, Jackie was able to walk and have a pink tongue again! She only lived with me 11 months, but they were 11 super fun months! Her liver began to fail, and did not respond to treatment, so she had to be put to sleep. She broke my heart, after suffering in a puppy mill all those years, to only get 11 months of joy. But Jackie packed a lot of love and happiness into those 11 months, and in her memory we can save more dogs like her.

If this is something that is meaningful to you, and you’d like to help, donations are accepted through PayPal below. If this isn’t your thing, there are MANY rescues and shelters that greatly need donations! I am not a registered 501c3 non-profit, just a veterinarian trying to save some lives. It takes a village sometimes.