Helping pets in need

Over the years of providing vet care at home, we occasionally have come across pets who need our care, but their owners have financial difficulties. Vet care at home is often considered a luxury, but there are situations in which it is a necessity.

dog vetSpecifically, we occasionally encounter pets who are sick or injured, and their owners are unable to get them into a vehicle, or may not have a vehicle. Sometimes these situations end in humane euthanasia, but other times a simple veterinary visit can restore their quality of life. Many of these situations involve senior citizens on fixed incomes who are no longer able to drive. We also have encountered clients on disability, fighting terminal diseases themselves, and they simply don’t have the means for the entire veterinary bill. Life is hard enough – we can at least ease the suffering of their beloved pet. Often this is their only companion.

We have a firm policy of not offering payment plans. Yet, we hate to turn away a suffering pet who cannot be transported to a clinic. Conversely they may be able to be transported, yet require a life-altering medical treatment the owner cannot afford. Metro East Home Vet Care has joined with the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF), a 501(c)3 non-profit branch of the vet

All donations to the Veterinary Care Charitable Fund of the AVMF through the following link stay 100% within our control, and are 100% tax-deductible. Funds that are raised are held until a need arises. When a dog or cat is in dire need of care, and all other options have been exhausted, we can dip into the fund to cover our expenses and provide the care they need. Sometimes this care is peaceful home euthanasia to end their suffering. Other times an initial exam and treatment can drastically improve a pet’s life, often when their owner has profound other problems, and really needs their beloved pet.

Pet owners who receive assistance from the fund must demonstrate true financial need, the pet must be suffering, and the services we provide will be limited to a single appointment. Monies from the fund will not be applied to preventative care visits, but are reserved for crisis situations.

If you’d like to make a difference for pets in OUR area, consider donating to the AVMF’s Veterinary Care Charitable Fund through the button below. All cases that receive assistance from our fund will be posted below (names will be changed for privacy) so you can see how we are helping ease the suffering of pets in our area.