Who we are

Just who are these people coming to your house?

Here’s a little bit about all of us!

Hello! I chose being a veterinarian as a sort of “second career” and have never looked back! I was earning a PhD in molecular cell biology at Washington University School of Medicine, when I adopted two rescued dogs. After becoming more involved with dog rescue, I realized veterinary medicine would be the best career for me. After being accepted into multiple veterinary schools, I chose University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine and graduated in 2004. My favorite topics are dermatology and internal medicine, which also happens to be the majority of what I see on a day-to-day basis.

I base my practice on a simple concept: treat people the way I would want to be treated. I take the time to explain diagnostic and treatment options, no matter how complex. I have found that when you break it down, nothing is so hard or complicated that a loving owner couldn’t understand. My clients appreciate my directness and honesty the most, even when it’s “brutal honesty” sometimes. And, I have learned that laughing a little goes a long way in this job!

Karen Louis DVM MS

Karen Louis DVM, MS

My clients know I am a doctor, but I am a real person. Some of my dogs eat poop, no matter what I try. I often have pet hair on my clothes. I am a pet owner, and I know what it is like to love your pet like any “human” member of your family. I must admit that older animals hold a special place in my heart (the skinny old cats and the old crotchety dogs). Home hospice care, which helps improve the quality of life for geriatric dogs and cats, is a passion of mine. I am a member of the International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care, the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management, and serve on the Veterinary Council for Breed Stewardship.

I currently am “mom” to three rescue dogs: Reggie, a 9-year-old “street dog” mix who lives for his ball; Sam, an old dachshund who rules the roost, and Linus, a 4-year-old chow mix who’s blind from a genetic disorder (don’t tell him that though!) I also foster homeless dogs for a couple area rescue groups, rescue dogs from puppy mills, and am married to a very patient husband named Andy.

(Recently I started a blog in order to create an accurate, truthful online resource for pet owners. It’s called VetChick.com, and it contains articles covering a wide variety of pet health topics. It’s ever growing!)

I look forward to getting to know new people and their pets! Nothing makes me happier than helping a cat or dog who has been itching, sick, or hurting, and making life better for the whole family.

Karen Louis DVM, MS


I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such amazing people work with me! They have mad skills, are fun to be with, and our patients love them….most of the time!

Melissa and Bunker

Melissa S. and Bunker

Melissa S. is a registered veterinary technician with a degree from Jefferson College. She worked at the Humane Society of Missouri with me for years. She’s proud mom of a “human” kid (as we call them in this field) named Ethan, as well as four dogs. She is an active volunteer with the local wildlife rehab organization, and has been known to help orphaned opossums from time to time. She also loves anything Harry Potter! Melissa is great at calming the nerves of anxious pets, with pit bulls being among her favorites.


Girl with cat on shoulder

Kelly and Luna


Kelly has a bachelors degree in psychology from McKendree University, which she jokes she uses more often then you’d think in this job! She worked with me years ago at Four Paws Animal Hospital. She left the veterinary field for several years to be a mom to her daughter, but missed working with animals. Kelly is a cat person to her core! She loves cats (especially kittens!), while her experience with her own very nervous dog makes her skilled at working with anxious dogs as well! When not working, Kelly home schools her daughter and is learning martial arts.


Vet tech

Melissa F. and Rev

Melissa F. is a registered veterinary technician who graduated with a bachelors degree in animal health technology from Murray State University. She works at Freeburg Animal Hospital, but on many Wednesdays will make housecalls with me. Melissa was raised on a beef cattle farm, but she just sticks to dogs and cats now! She has 2 cats and a border collie.



Christine and Nala

Christine worked on the shelter side of the Humane Society of Missouri for years before coming to work as a clinic assistant in the veterinary clinic of the Humane Society, where I worked for four years. She helps mainly with appointments on the Missouri side.  She is amazing at handling scared, aggressive cats, so she comes with me on many of those appointments – lucky her! Christine is getting married soon!